Cylinder Services

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Millennium Technologies is known for providing the best cylinder services in the powersports industry. Built on positive word of mouth over 16 years of service, Millennium Technologies’ “Reputation for Excellence” continues to make good on itself. Being the fastest or cheapest shop does not make one the best. Having the best plating manufacturing, customer service, and quality control makes Millennium Technologies the best and maintaining that position is the goal day in and day out.

Millennium Technologies uses the highest quality Nickel-Silicon Carbide (NSC) plating in the industry. Lowered friction, improved heat transfer, lighter weight (compared to cast iron), and increased horsepower are just some of the benefits of the NSC plating you’ll receive from Millennium Technologies, not to mention the amount of money you’ll save by repairing your cylinder compared to purchasing a new one outright.

Millennium Technologies provides NSC plating for a wide, and ever increasing, variety of powersports applications from snowmobiles, dirt bikes, street bikes, personal watercrafts, select automobiles, and many more. Whether you are plating a single cylinder, inline cylinder, top case cylinder block, or complete automobile block Millennium Technologies has the tools and the ability to help you obtain your performance goals.

Alongside the various plating services offered, Millennium Technologies also offers special services and machining. With a full machine shop, Millennium Technologies can offer cylinder decking, power valve, re-sleeving, deck detonation, and heli-coil installation services. Millennium Technologies can also hone or overbore your cast iron sleeved cylinders.

Whatever your cylinder or performance needs, Millennium Technologies has you covered. If you do not see a service offered in the table below, feel free to give us a call. Just because a service is not listed, does not mean we do not or cannot offer it!

Cylinder Exchange Service available

Go to our Cylinder Exchange Service page for more information.

Cylinder Repair and Re-plating Prices

54mm (125cc) and under$183.70 to $220.45
54mm and under Overbore$209.95
Over 54mm (125cc)$199.45 to $262.45
Over 54mm Overbore$246.70
2 Cylinder Mono-block$314.95 to $419.95
Inline 3 or 4 Cylinder*$451.45 to $577.45
Inline 3 or 4 Cylinder Overbore*$535.45
Top Case 4 Cylinder**$545.95 to $712.95
Top Case 4 Cylinder Overbore**$685.45

*Multiple cylinder bores with no part of the case connected. Examples include GSXR1300—ZX12—ZX9—ZX6.
**Multiple cylinder bores with any part of the case connected. Examples include Honda CBR series—R6—R1—GSXR600—GSXR750—GSXR1000—ZX10.
Re-sleeving is required when going more than +1mm on certain models. Please call for cost and details.

Special Services / Machining

Single Cylinder
Light Hone Only $34.90
Deck Head Surface$54.60
Machine Base$62.95
Re-sleeve Single Cylinder Many options affecting turnaround and cost apply. Please call for details.$194.20 to $419.95
Cast Iron Hone Only Light damage needing light hone to next oversize.$57.70
Cast Iron Overbore & Hone Heavier damage requiring bore to go higher than next oversize.$62.95
Cast Iron Re-plate Not available on cylinders with heavier damage. Please call for details.$209.95
Deck Detonation Deterioration of cylinder bore caused by lean condition or poor octane rating of gasoline.$41.95
Brass Detonation Ring Not installed. This is a ring purchase only.$41.95
Brass Detonation Ring including installation and deck surfacing$73.45
2 Stroke Cylinder Head Machining:Damaged $69.95
Big Bore $69.95
Performance $89.95
Core Exchange$214.95
Core Exchange 54mm or under$194.95
Power Valve removal/reassembly:
Grind Power Valves$41.95
Install Heli-Coil$26.20
Deglazing Brush$24.95
Inline 4 Cylinder
Light Hone Only$78.70
Surface Grind or Deck Head Surface$104.95
Machine Base / Bezel$229.95
Complete Re-sleeve Non-plated Bore$799.95
Overbore & Hone Non-plated Bore Brands with case attachment are the higher price.$249.95 / $349.95

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